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Spring Clean Your Health

Let's Explore How to Spring Clean Your Health

As we contemplate the arrival of Spring with childlike anticipation, there are many reasons to love this time of the year.

It’s the season of possibility…

We have long awaited entry into more daylight, and this is a boost to our mental health:

Schedule in some time to walk around the neighborhood and take in the greenery, and bursts of color, that start to blanket the city. This will surely lift the spirits, in addition to lowering cortisol levels, the stress hormone.

Spring is a favorable time to rethink our diet with lighter seasonal ingredients.

Rest assured, There is no “right” way there is only what works for you.

Go on an internal quest, with a hint of curiosity, and an intrepid explorer. It will reveal what your body is asking for.

Checking in with yourself with a quiet mind is a wonderful way to cultivate intuition, and is a beneficial practice for your wellbeing: as it opens the doors to clear decisions.

Once we know what is best to feed our body each season, It does take a bit of discipline to shift what we normally eat.

After a long winter, there’s nothing more welcome than celebrating spring with the sight and flavor of new colorful, tasty ingredients: arugula, mustard greens, asparagus, and peas are all starting to come available at the farmers markets.

The good news is: By eating with the seasons it will create a reset both in the mind and body. This way of feeding ourselves adds to better digestion, which all supports an uplifted frame of mind.

3 Tips for Success

1. Keep a journal of everything you eat in a day

2. Note what is going on emotionally when you crave certain foods

3. Have someone hold you accountable, like a good buddy or a health coach.

What if it's as simple as having a twelve oz glass of fresh lemon water upon waking, before that yummy cup of coffee or tea touches your lips.

I love starting the day with an energizing green smoothie: made with plant based protein, such as hemp or chia seeds, a bunch of leafy greens, and a couple of nutritious Medjool dates, or a handful of berries. It’s more delicious than you might think.

During this wonderful time of renewal, allow fresh Spring ingredients to clean out the habits of winter.

Dive into how to cleanse the body and mind this season with my book,


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