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Cooking Classes with Laurie Richardone in Asheville, N.C.


      ​All Classes and Catering are gluten-free with a focus on seasonal organic plant-based ingredients, from our local farmers market, and purveyors.

We utilize family-owned local farms that produce healthy, humanely raised, happy animals.   


                                                                   "Feel good about what you eat"


Come travel with Laurie as you learn to cook fresh seasonal cuisine from around the globe.


Whether you want to develop a new skill, learn easy techniques for healthy cooking or just have some fun in the kitchen. Our classes are an interactive experience where you will walk away with newfound confidence and tools in creating nutritious home cooking in your own kitchen. 



What a magical season Spring is!

Its time to experience the day anew, and enjoy all the vernal goodness mother nature has to offer us. Eating food that was organically grown close to your home is healthy and tastes exponentially better. Preparing food at the peak of ripeness tastes like a slice of heaven. Spring is the time for green garlic, young spinach, and spring leeks beaconing us to make a simple beautiful tart.

Our Offerings

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