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Gluten-Free Cooking Classes

There can be great joy in the cooking process. Spending a bit of time in the kitchen with friends and family is, after all, why we call it the heart of the home. 


Come and cook with Laurie! 

All Classes and Catering focus on seasonal organic plant-based ingredients, from our local farmers market. We utilize family-owned local farms that produce healthy, humanely raised, happy animals.   


"Feel good about what you eat"

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Group Cooking Classes (available on select dates):

  • Intimate class of eight guests - available for singles, couples night out, or small groups of friends/family

  • Demonstration with a focus on seasonal healthy ingredients & user-friendly techniques

  • Select three to five-course menus

    • $100 - $175 per person (price(s) based on courses and ingredients needed)

Private Cooking Classes (available year-round) - For those wanting to learn a healthier way of eating and cooking. 

  • Perfect for friends/family, reunions, bachelorette/bachelor parties, and couples! (maximum of eight guests)

  • Cooking classes in your home kitchen or mine.

  • Select themes available catering to preferred tastes (Plant-based, Paleo, Vegan, and Gluten-Free available)

  • ​​Select three-course menus

    • $125 - $200 per person (prices) based on courses, ingredients, and includes initial consultation.

Personal Chef (available year-round) - Host the perfect party in your own home and spend more time with friends and family! Catering up to 30 guests. 

  • Ingredients sourced locally and organically grown (when available)

  • Select three-course menus

    • Enjoy a customized menu, grocery shopping, meal preparation, food delivery and/or in-house preparation

    • Price(s) will reflect the menu and ingredients chosen after consultation

    • Wine & beverage can be provided with an additional cost

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