Cooking Classes with Laurie

     Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Brown Butter
         Fig Salad With Shallot Parsley Vinaigrette
Seeded Fennel Bread | Grain free
Summer Squash Fritters | Gluten free
Zucchini Spagetti & Meatballs | Gluten free
Chicken Franchese | Grain free
Saffron Vegetable Soup Basil Pesto | Gluten free
Handmade Gnocchi Spring Peas | Gluten free

Grain - Free Low Carb  Granola

             Spring Risotto | Gluten free
        Edamame Hummus | Gluten free
Cauliflower Pizza Roasted Vegetables | Grain free
Almond Foccacia  Grilled Vegetables | Gluten free
Herbed Tofu Balls Ginger Miso Broth | Gluten free
Pumpkin Mousse | Vegan| Gluten Free
          Garbanzo Fish tacos
Portabello Fries White truffle Aioli