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100% Natural

Food for Your Hair

This soothing, uplifting blend of Vanilla & Lime Blossom deeply moisturizes, leaving every strand revitalized and repaired. Your hair will be deeply hydrated without being weighed down.

8.5 fl. oz / 252 ml


This deeply hydrating Infusion heals and repairs your hair. It contains antioxidants and cell rejuvenators. Perfectly blended for lifting your spirit, with the aphrodisiac properties of natural Vanilla.

How to Use

Apply to clean wet hair, and work through the ends… Rinse. For lustrous locks and a hydrating treatment leave on hair for 30 minutes.


Ingredients:  Tocophersols  ( Vitamin E ) Simmondsia Chinensis ( Jojoba Oil ) Purified water Calendula Officinalis, Citric Acid,Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol ( derived from vegetable Oil ) Cetrimonium Cloride, Hydroxmethyl Glycinate ( a natural preservative derived from plant material )  Blended with pure Essential Oils of:  Vanilla Planifolia ( Vanilla)  Citrus Auranti Folia ( Lime Blossom ) Asanalum Spicatum ( Sandalwood ) Lavadula Angustofolia ( Lavender ) & Wild Flower Honey (from our  local beekeeper)

Vanilla Lime Blossom HairFood Conditioner

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