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My new book, “Gluten-Free Italian Recipes” is for those of you who love Italian food, but your body doesn’t like gluten.

I know the feeling of being unable to enjoy delicious Italian foods on a gluten-free lifestyle. You feel shut out from some of your favorite foods and boxed into a culinary corner.

I’m here to open your doors and to guide you on how to easily make delicious gluten-free Italian dishes from recipes that I have specially curated for this book.

The intent of this book is to teach you to take traditional Italian recipes and transform them into delicious gluten-free dishes. And, better yet, in my gluten-free approach, you’ll find easy-to-prepare Italian food recipes.

And, even better yet, my gluten-free Italian recipes are mouthwatering..

Here are my favorite Italian recipes that will delight and deliver.


Learn to craft artisanal Italian foods like handmade gnocchi, pizza, and chicken parmigiano. Balance savory and sweet flavors with seasonal ingredients, and discover new ways of cooking gluten-free Italian foods.

I trust that you enjoy my new book, Gluten-Free Italian Recipes, and I look forward to hearing what you think.


Buon Appetito,


Gluten Free Italian Recipes ~ PAPERBACK

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