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5 Health Benefits of Sharing Stories

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

What does sharing our stories around food have to do with our Health?

For over a half million years food and the search for it have influenced both human and historical development. Food has meaning for all of us. It evokes nostalgia for days gone by, and those memories can be nourishing to our spirits as a warm cup of hot cocoa on a winter night. It builds trust among people sharing the same food. Sharing a meal strengthens bonds, and can improve satisfaction in our lives.

Food is an imperative element to human survival, and feed's our very soul. As such, anecdotes have taken their rightful place in our kitchens.

We all have a memory, a story, that's connected to food that brings a warm smile. In turn, makes us feel happy, and studies show that happiness lower's cortisol levels, the stress hormone.

New research into human connection suggests that emotional conversations, support, laughter, and story telling, can all help to enhance our mental health.

Growing up in a large Italian family where my grandmother and five aunts shared heartfelt, sometimes embarrassing stories gave way to a family that was bonded by these precious, often hilarious, historical narratives.

When we experience feelings of connection, calm, and great pleasure, they improve our overall health in myriad ways. Where is that happy place in time for you?

A fond memory that comes to my mind is making ricotta pies at Easter with my grandmother. First, rolling out the sweet stretchy dough that hangs over each pie pan, pouring in sweetened creamy ricotta, then dropping in maraschino cherries before gently folding over the dough.

This brings me back to happy carefree days. I can still smell the perfumed bubbling of pies in the oven, as the crust turns into a light golden hue, to then be shared with our tight knit Italian family on Easter Sunday.

We know from decades of studies, that centenarians live a long healthy life because community, happiness, and eating well are at the core. If you are lucky enough to have a wise elder in your life, you know that they love sharing their stories. Listen...

I call this narrative medicine, food for the soul.

To your good health...

Here is a GF - version of my grandmothers ricotta pie. I think you will absolutely love it.

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